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Many of our clients utilize Building Envelope Consulting Services to perform function and performance testing in the field after installation of window and glazing systems.  During the course of testing it is not unusual to hear chatter regarding the cost of sealants, labor and materials being constantly on the rise.  While recognising that these costs are part of the business we are in, many clients and installers realise to late that the cost of sealants is minimal compared to the risks of water intrusion.

Lets take an example of typical project sealant material costs:

Cost per tube:  $8:00
Tubes used per window install: 4
Number of windows per project: 100,

So lets extrapolate the numbers, 4 X's 8 X's 100 = $3,200.00 in sealant costs for this project, typically we have 5% of stock left over at the end of the project that has a shelf life.

Unfortunately we see to often the caulker that for whatever reason has tried to "stretch" the last tube of sealant for that window, whether it be "Didn't want to go down the ladder to get a new tube" or "I thought it would be fine, water doesn' really get there anyway", we have heard and seen many examples of separated, non-existent or thin sealants.  

We are NOT placing blame or attempting to identify shody work, this is just a fact of life in the industry, so let identify and resolve the issue.

Lets assume 10% of these windows are tested after installation, if ONE window leaks and requires retesting, how does that failure compare to the $8.00 cost of an extra tube of sealant when considering; Retesting costs, damage to reputation and/or delay of project.

If that ONE window is not tested and at some point allows water to enter the structure and causes "Water Damage" that dreaded by all term, this could result in litigation and an increase in insurance and bonding costs.

Long story short, help us help you be successful, use enough sealant to do the job correctly, then take another look just to make sure.

We hope to see you in 2017, and look forward to providing successful testing on your projects; the first time.
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