The price of sealants
Window Testing / December 12th, 2016 1:54 pm
Many of our clients utilize Building Envelope Consulting Services to perform function and performance testing in the field after installation of window and glazing systems.  During the course of testing it is not unusual to hear chatter regarding the cost of sealants, labor and materials being constantly on the rise.  While recognising that these costs are part of the business we are in, many clients and installers realise to late that the cost of sealants is minimal compared to the risks of water intrusion.

Lets take an example of typical project sealant material costs:

Cost per tube:  $8:00
Tubes used per window install: 4
Number of windows per project: 100,

So lets extrapolate the numbers, 4 X's 8 X's 100 = $3,200.00 in sealant costs for this project, typically we have 5% of stock left over at the end of the project that has a shelf life.

Unfortunately we see to often the caulker that for whatever reason has tried to "stretch" the last tube of sealant for that...
Water Intrusion Investigations
Ongoing services / December 12th, 2016 1:39 pm
Building Envelope Consulting Services personnel are currently engaged in performing water intrusion investigations in several states and projects include; Hospitals, Custom Homes, Commercial Structures and Government Facilities.
Our dedicated staff includes technicians specifically trained with the latest tools utilized to help uncover hidden and difficult to detect water intrusion issues.  Our technicians gather and document conditions observed while conducting their investigation and then provide that information to our on staff Architect for review.
A detailed report documenting any anomalies and any recommendations for remediation and/or repairs is issued to the client within 5 business days.
Our latest investigation included performing a Bi-directional Electro Vector Survey of a 800,000 sq.ft. roof at a critical facility structure.

If we can be of service or provide information regarding our services and costs, please give us a call, (844) 200-6700 and one of our staff...
Bi-Directional Vector Survey
Update of services / October 1st, 2016 6:07 pm
Vector Mapping is a term utilized in the roofing industry that encompasses numerous tests using an induced electrical current to locate roof leaks.

Building Envelope Consulting Group has developed Bi-Directional Vectoring Survey equipment (patent pending) that quickly identifies (1), if the roof system has a breach and (2) allows the equipment operator to follow the path of the current flow to identify the precise location of the breach.

Rather than having to perform a survey of the entire roof system; our patent pending equipment immediately identifies and provides positive feedback to the operator of any breach in the roof system as soon as the equipment is energised.  This permits the operator to quickly identify any issues and greatly reduces survey time and thereby expense.

Give us a call to find out more, (844) - 200 - 6700
New Services
October 1st, 2016 5:59 pm
Building Envelope Consulting Group announces new service capabilities.  We have just completed a project requiring identification and location of concrete slab reinforcement, our state of the art equipment can locate the depth and position of reinforing bars, the location and profile of post tension cables without the use of X-ray's or the expense of Ground Penetrating Radar.

For pricing and other technical information; please contact our office at 844 - 200 - 6700.
ASTM E1105 Window testing
Window Testing / August 15th, 2016 6:38 pm
Another sucessfull project and satisfied client, Building Envelope Consulting Group's personnel have completed ASTM E1105 and ASTM E783 window testing on curtainwalls and storefronts at a South Carolina University.

Our personnel arrived on-site, built the test chambers for all test locations and completed all testing in a single site visit, the client benefited with significant cost savings by utilizing our "No cost set up" system.  Where most test agencies charge to build and set up the test chambers, usuallly incurring an additional day of cost to the client, Building Envelope Consulting Group provides an all inclusive cost with no surprises.

Our pricing includes all; Set up, Manpower, Test Equipment and the report documenting the test results, no extras are added.